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What Is The Reason: The Responsibilities of A 13 Year Old Print E-mail

What Is The ReasonV. Why would God consider you an adult when your 13? Why would He judge you from that point when no one can make proper decisions at that age?

Actually, God does not judge us at 13. Judgment as most think of it, does not begin until 20.

Puberty is the beginning of the development of physical relationships. It is also the stage at which we truly begin the process of individuation. It is therefore the time when we can begin our relationship with God. We can observe the Mitzvot even when younger, but we cannot use them for what they really are, “Tzavta,” relationship builders, until we begin to learn how to develop real relationships.

At puberty we begin to choose whether to observe the Mitzvot as obligations, or as an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with God.

Individuation is when we define ourselves as we are, not by our place in the family, or by the expectations of others. We should begin to know ourselves in a deeper way. That is why real relationships can only begin at this stage. This is why our Mitzvot begin to define us at this point. We are responsible for our self-definition.
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