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What Is The Reason: Al Netillat Yadaim Print E-mail

What Is The ReasonWhy do we say a Bracha – blessing -  for washing hands after we actually do the Mitzvah? (Usually, we say a Bracha before doing the Mitzvah.)

We don’t! We recite the blessing as we raise our hands, “Netillat Yadaim,” – Raising and Elevating Our Hands - before we dry our hands and complete the process.

Have you ever unintentionally done something that hurt someone else? Have you ever unconsciously touched something and hurt yourself? One of the reasons for washing our hands is, “Yadaim askanuyot,” we use our hands without thinking and paying attention to what and where we touch. The concept is to remind ourselves that we must be more aware of the meaning of our actions. We elevate our actions by being aware and by caring about everything we do.

We begin by washing our hands and preparing to make the blessing at a higher level of existence. We then recite the blessing that celebrates a life of meaningful actions, only then do we dry, or completely wipe off the dead cells of unintentional action.
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