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What is the Reason-Shoelace and Doorway Print E-mail

What-Is-The-Reason-Ask-The-Rabbi-JudaismI recently heard a noted rabbi mention that not giving charity leads to illness, and that a father who is having difficulty with a child should tie a shoelace on the child and all will improve. He didn’t know the sources, so I’m asking The Foundation Stone, whether these statements are true and where are the sources. W.J.


The Midrash on Shir HaShirim (6:17) quotes Reish Lakish, who says, “The doorway that is not open to the poor will have to open for the doctor.”

The Bartenura (Shabbat 6:9) writes that when a child has separation anxiety from his father, the father should take his right shoelace and tie it on his son’s left shoe, and the constant longing will disappear. I’m not aware of any other source that associates a shoelace with problems with a child.

Dear The Foundation Stone;

Thank you for your quick response. I have another “source” question; I was told that it is better to not take notes of my learning so I will better remember it. Is there such an idea? Where? W.J.

The Lev Aryeh (First Gate, Chapter Four) writes the one who relies on writing down what he has learned will quickly forget it because he is relying on his pen, not his memory. I think it’s obvious that all depends on one’s attitude and objective when taking notes.

Is it true that there are actually eight “skies,” not just seven? S.R.

The Mordechai at the end of Pesachim does say that we say, “likalais,” in the Haggadah, to correspond to the eight “sky.”

Someone told me that you said it is Yitzchak’s fault that a father is not objective about his children. How could you such such a disrespectful thing about one of the Avois? A.Y.

I quoted the Zohar Chai on Beraishit who quotes the Baal Shem Tov as saying that, “from the day that Eisav tricked Yitzchak, he caused that no Tzaddik is able to see his son’s wickedness.”

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