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Parsha Hound: Vayeishev Print E-mail

Joseph Dreams

Test your knowledge of Parsha with Rashi:

How many times did Joseph's brothers hear him describe one of his dreams?


What is the Valley of Hebron?

What are the two types of hearing described in this portion?

Why did Jacob have to suffer the loss of Joseph for 22 years?

Were the brothers more resentful of Reuben who wanted Joseph thrown into a death pit or with Judah who suggested selling him?

Challenge Question: Where in this portion can you find someone using the same logic as Lamech who married two wives?

Why was Tamar justified in her behavior?

How can we compare Tamar and Potiphar's wife?

Why was Joseph placed in the difficult situation with Potiphar's wife?

Why were the members of this family called "Ivri"?

How did Potiphar's wife choose to tell him about Joseph's supposed attack?

How did the wine steward and baker determine the veracity of Joseph's interpretations of their dreams?

ANSWERS: Find them in next week's i-Forum: General






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