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Parsha Hound: Tetzaveh Print E-mail

CohenIn which order were the names of the tribes engraved on the Avnei Shoham?

What were the Urim V’Tumim? What was their function?

What is the punishment for a Cohen who performs the service without all the proper garments?

What did the Cohen Gadol “carry” when he wore the Tzitz?

What is the connection between education and filling one’s hands?

Why was a bull brought as part of the sanctification of the Cohanim ceremony?

What were the similarities between the way Aaron was consecrated and the way he wore the Tzitz?

How did the Chatat of the Sanctification ceremony differ from every other “Outside” Chatat?

Which is the only offering that requires the Cohen to use his finger to sprinkle the blood?

What was different about the bread offered by Aaron as part of his sanctification offering?

What is the definition of the word “Cohen”?
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