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Parsha Hound: Ki Tisa Print E-mail

Golden CalfWhy do we consider it dangerous to directly count people?
Where was the Kiyor placed in the Mishkan?
How was the cinnamon measured differently from all the other spices of the Anointing Oil?

Can you find an allusion to sailors in the Incense Offering?

What were the three outstanding qualities of Betzalel?

What is different between resting and the menucha of Shabbat?

What are the parallels between the Luchot and a bride?

What was the indirect role that Moshe played in the construction of the Golden Calf?

What was the debate between God and Moshe about whose nation was Israel?

What did Moshe see that caused him to smash the Luchot?

How did Moshe attribute some of the blame for the Golden Calf to God?

What was the first Tent of Meeting?

Why did Moshe feel that he could request “Show me Your glory,” at this point in time?

Why were the Second Luchot given with less of a show?

How is it more demanding to deal with an angel than to directly relate to God?

When did Moshe wear  his mask?
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