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Parsha Hound: Tazria Print E-mail

TazriaHow many are the Days of Purity after the birth of a boy? Girl?

What is the

main quality that differentiates one “Nega,” or form of Tzara’at from another?

When does a spot of healthy skin cause the Cohen to declare a person to be Tamei?

If “Michva” and “Shechin” are identical, why does the Torah list both?

When does a Metzorah practice some forms of mourning?

Why is the Metzorah sent out of the camp?

When is clothing purified and when is it burned?

What is a Metzorah Musgar?

What is a Metzorah Muchlat?

When does the Metzorah become Tamei? Is it at the appearance of the Tzara’at?

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