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Parsha Hound: Metzorah Print E-mail

MetzorahWhy does the Metzorah’s purification offering use birds? Cedar wood? Crimson thread and hyssop?

Why does

the Metzorah’s bring a meal offering with his sin offering when the latter usually is not accompanied by a meal offering?

Did the laws of Tzara’at of a house apply to the Jews in the desert? Why?

Why is a house cleared before the Cohen makes his declaration?

How do the Sages use the number of times the words “Zav” and “Tamei” appear to determine how we calculate the days of impurity of a Zav?

How does a table differ from a bed in the Tumah – impurity – conducted by a Zav?

How does the purification offering of a Zav differ from that of a Metzorah?

What does the verse mean when it describes the Zav as touching someone “without having rinsed his hands”?

How do the laws of impure pottery differ from metal and wooden vessels?

When does a woman become a Zavah?

How do the laws of Zavah differ from the laws of Niddah?

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