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Parsha Hound: Emor Print E-mail

EmorMay a Cohen participate in the funeral of a woman with whom he was Halachically engaged?
Who does the prohibition of shaving with a razor appear for both a Cohen and an Israelite?

many of the Mitzvot in this Portion reflect on child’s effect on his or her parents?

May a Cohen with a disqualifying blemish eat the meat of a sacrifice?

Who, other than the Cohen himself, may eat from his Terumah?

Which animal offering is not disqualified by a mere blemish, only by a missing limb?

Is a Cohen permitted to bring an offering for a non-Jew?

May a person accept to die for one of the three laws with the assumption that God will save him as a reward for his sacrifice?

What is the youngest age at which an animal may be brought as an offering?

Why are the laws of Shabbat included in the laws of the Festivals?

When is Pesach referred to as Shabbat?

Which Festival offering contains bread?

Why is an Etrog described as Pri Eitz hadar?

How long must the Menorah burn?

Why must those who heard a blasphemer place their hands on him before he is executed?

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