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Parsha Hound: Behaalotecha Print E-mail

TrumpetsWhy were all the candles of the Menorah pointed inward toward the center candle? Why were the Children of Israel commanded to “Lean their hands upon the Levites?” At what age and until what age does a Levite begin to work in the Mishkan? What does he do after he may no longer work inside the Mishkan?

Who were the people who “had been contaminated by a human corpse?”
Why did God wait for these people to ask their question about their missed Pesach Offering, rather than teach the law directly through Moshe?
What can we learn about Moshe from this story?
(How does that relate to the story of Miriam and Aharon’s criticism of Moshe?”

What was the exact process of the movement of the camp? At which point did the people begin to break camp?

When and how were the trumpets used? What happened to Moshe’s trumpets?

Why did Yitro refuse to journey into Israel with Moshe and the people?

Why is the “Book” of “Vayehi Binsoa” placed where it is in the portion?

Why was the fire focused “At the edge of the camp”?

Why was Joshua so bothered by the prophecy of Eldad and Medad?

Why were Miriam and Aharon so critical of Moshe?
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