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Parsha Hound: Devarim - Tisha B'Av Print E-mail

DevarimWhy did Moshe insist that all of Israel be present for his final teachings? Why does the Torah stress, “Eleven days from Horeb?” (1:2) Why did Moshe feel secure in rebuking Israel after his victories over Sichon and Og? (1:4)

Why did Moshe say, “I cannot carry you alone?” (1:9)

Why did Moshe compare Israel to the “stars of heaven in abundance,” if they were not yet so numerous?(1:10)

What was the first quality that Moshe demanded of the newly appointed judges? Why?(1:16)

Where do the Sages find the first hint of disaster in the story of the Spies? (1:22)

Why was Moshe critical of Israel if he admits that, “And it was good in my eyes?” (1:23)

What led Israel to claim that, “Because of God’s hatred for us did He take us out of the land of Egypt?” (1:27)

Why did Moshe compare the Amorites to bees? (1:44)

Why did Israel enter the land from the east rather than the north, through the land of Sei’ir? (2:1)

Who were the Emim? Why was it necessary for the Torah to identify them for us? (2:10)

Who were the Aviim? Why were they driven from the land by the Caphtorim? (2:23)

What miracle happened in the sky during the battle with Sichon? (2:25)

What was different about Israel’s looting of Og than their looting of Sichon? (3:7)

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