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Parsha Hound: Eikev Print E-mail

EikevWhy does the Torah use the word “Heel” to describe how we listen to its commandments? What was different about the plague of Dever - plague? Which weapon was used for the Slaying of the First Born? How did God use hornets against Israel’s enemies?

What is the reading of “The entire commandment?”

Why are the Luchot (The Two Tablets) written in the singular?

How many times did Moshe spend 40 days and nights on Sinai? What were the dates of his visits? What was the purpose of each visit?

How did God ‘destroy’ Aharon?

Where did Moshe place the Luchot when he brought the second Luchot down from Sinai?

Why did the Tribe of Levi not receive a regular portion in the Land of Israel?

What is considered the greatest expression of God’s Gevurah - Strength?

How do we know that God judges us on Rosh Hashana?

What is the highest form of serving God?

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