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Parsha Hound: Beshalach Print E-mail
Red SeaWhy did Joseph not insist that he be immediately buried in Israel as was Jacob? (13:19)

Where did the Egyptians get the horses to pull their chariots if all animals had been killed in the plagues? (14:7)


When, while they were still in Egypt, did the Jews tell Moshe to leave them alone? (14:12)

Why did God tell Moshe not to pray? (14:15)

How did the deaths of the horses and their riders reflect God’s greatness? (15:1)

What weapons does God use in battle? (15:3)

What were the three ways that the water killed the Egyptians? Why? (15:5)

Why did the some Egyptians merit burial? (15:12)

When and why did Moses have to force the Jews to travel? (15:22)

Which laws were taught at Marah? (15:25)

How and for what purpose did God use the Manna to test Israel? (16:4)

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