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Parsha Hound: Esther Print E-mail

megilaWhy did Achashveirosh first make a party for the entire kingdom before solidifying his political base in Shushan?

What was Vashti’s punishment?

Why did Bigtan and Teresh plot to kill the king? How did Mordechai know? How did Esther inform the king; did she march into his throne room?

Why did Mordechai refuse to bow to Haman?

Did Haman notice that Mordechai refused to bow, or did someone have to point it out to him?

Why did Haman decide to take out his anger with Mordechai on all the Jews?

Why was Haman not as frightened as was Esther of entering the king’s room uninvited?

Did the average citizen of Shushan prefer Haman or Mordechai?

How many letters are sent out in the Book of Esther?

Was Achashveirosh a democrat or republican?

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